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Balloons & party caters a wide variety of balloon decoration events including birthday parties, graduations day, corporate events, weddings, sport day events, opening ceremony events, family day, promotion day and surprise party.

Balloon Decoration Guideline Ideas

To be honest, we often faced with customers who hard to find a balloon decoration idea for their events
Want to know which areas need extra attention and which ones don’t? Depending on your budget, the following Decoration Guide for Balloon Decorations will list the important areas of your venue and focus on the decorations needed.
Decoration Guide – Areas and suitable places :
  1. Main Entrance : Transitional decorations provide a best mood shift for your guests, it will be an introduction to the theme and taste of what to come . For a grand entrance use a walk-thru heart or star balloon arch.
  2. Parking Lot : Lead your guest to the final destination by using balloon as bread crumbs
  3. Foyer : A place for guests to gather and mingle should tease with wonder and excitement, add colour and festivity with floor bouquet balloon with hints of the theme included.
  4. Reception Area : Make your first pit stop for your quest with colourfull and artistic with decorated sign in board and some wall balloon decorations.
  5. Buffet/Cocktail Area : Make it little bit lite balloon decoration in this area
  6. Stage : Always be a obvious focus point and center of attention, should be appropriately framed with colourful arch, columns, garden theme decor, logo backdrop or exploding balloon wall arrangements.
  7. Candy Buffet Area : Make a large buffet arrangement or use a fun balloon bouquet to draw everybody attention.

Type of Balloon Decorations

Helium Balloon

* We only use certified helium gas and branded balloon only *

Balloon Arch Decoration

* We only use certified helium gas, branded balloon only and proper technique *

Balloon Pillar | Balloon Column

* We only use certified helium gas, branded balloon only and proper technique *

Balloon Decoration Packages

Balloon Colour Scheme